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Do you have connections in the industry that can be leveraged to earn money? Do you have products and services that are awaiting clients? If, yes join and explore the power of connections.

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How Connector works?


Create your Profile

Add relevant experience and choose your Industry.

Get Projects

Business reach out to you for projects. Accept the ones that you like.

Organizing projects

Connect with the project organizer

Connect with the project organizer via meetings and understand the project in depth.

transfer money

Make business happen

Connect with potential target, close the deal and earn handsome incentive on the way.

How Company works?

Create your Profile

Choose your Industry and add your products/services.

Create Projects

Create focus projects so as to help your business grow.

Choose connector

Connectors reach out to you for your project. Accept the ones that are the best fit.


Make business Happen

Connectors close the deal with the potential clients and help you grow in business.