Welcome to InConnectors!

We are a team of experienced sales professionals who believe that companies when they want to expand their businesses need connections in the market. They need reliable people that can introduce them to the right buyers and help them get their business done.

These connectors have a deep understanding of the clients that they work with and are usually very strong decision influencers. At the same time, companies spend a big portion of their revenues on their sales team making these connections with the clients. Connectors can get them better sales numbers at a fraction of the cost.

While companies have a lot of advantages when it comes to getting these connections built, connectors are the ones that help them do this. These connectors are the real value addition in the entire process as they help buyers make the right decisions. Companies are willing to handsomely compensate connectors for their introductions. This can become a very good second source of income or even the full time job for people that have connections in the market.

Ours is the only platform for the companies and connectors to find each other and get business done. And we strive to make SMEs and Startups accelerate their growth with the help of right connections.