How to develop interpersonal skills for sales growth

Developing interpersonal skills for sales growth

Developing Interpersonal Skills


Interpersonal skills are referred to as social intelligence. These are skills we use in our regular life,  to interact and communicate with the people around us,  both as an individual and in groups. 

These skills are of a wide range including communication skills, empathy, leadership, active listening, negotiation, teamwork, and many more. The most effective skills are speaking and listening as they are basic requirements for any conversation.

The significance of interpersonal skills is reflected in our everyday life, from speaking with others to working in a team or group in formal and informal situations. These skills come handy for building healthier relationships with colleagues, friends, family, and customers. 

Interpersonal skills in business

Businesses require dealing with customer queries or working in a team, on a regular basis. Thus, most companies are always on the lookout for employees who can work efficiently under these circumstances. People with sharp interpersonal skills i.e. good communication, active listening ability, attentiveness,  are mostly preferred by companies. These skills are acquired and honed naturally with real-life experiences rather than learning them through textbooks or classes.

Active listening skills, good communication skills, and righteous attitude are required for the growth of the individual and also the company he is working with. 

Significance of Interpersonal skills in sales

The success or improvement in sales depends highly on the understanding of the end product that the customers are willing to buy. So, the bulk of the success depends on the ability to convey information about the product,  ways of using it, its price, availability etc. clearly to others.

Here, a person with sharp interpersonal skills will be able to communicate effectively and also state his/her points convincingly to the enquirer. The pricing, product’s features, value, everything will cease to matter, if some communication gap exists, from either end.

Different Interpersonal skills for sales growth

  1. Communication

Sales professionals need to be fine communicators so that the pitch for their product is efficiently delivered in a simple and precise manner. Sometimes complex and technical terms confuse customers, in turn hampering sales. 

Be well prepared with all the answers to possible queries about the product,  in a simple and understandable way. Make sure to speak politely rather than being too loud or too fast, otherwise, it can be difficult for the customers to grasp the information. 

Communication is easily the most important factor which helps in the growth of sales, and to work on this skill it is important to actively participate in interacting with people and to gain experience by practicing this on the go.

  1. Active Listening

Paying full attention to all the queries and concerns of the customers who are interested in the product is necessary. Understanding their point of view is important which is possible by listening mindfully to everything they say and not get distracted by anything.

This will also help them make decisions,  based on how you reply to them and clarify their concerns. Responding to them without any delay,  convinces them that you have been listening to them with your utmost attention which makes a good impression on the customers. 

  1. Patience / Tolerance

The sellers should abide by the adage, “Patience is a virtue”. Understanding the position of the buyer is an integral part that requires patience on the part of the seller. Patience is required to process the query, understand it and then provide relevant solutions rather than generic ones which might lead to confusion for the buyer or customer.  

At times it can be quite straining to sit through all the questions and doubts of the buyers but to see it from their perspective and patiently helping them to sort out their thoughts could lead to a productive result which is the end goal.

  1. Frankness

Playing with words and speaking without any specific subject would lead to unnecessary confusion and negative results. Convey your words straight up, to the point and without any lies, speak about exactly what the product offers with all its pros and cons. Fake promises and lies would lead to problems and the relationship between the seller and customer could be strained, making you lose your authenticity. 

  1. Building a good relationship

The ability to communicate and listen effectively, eventually leads to a good rapport between the seller and customers. Being attentive to them and guiding them through the product while answering their queries will result in increased trust towards the seller. The problem-solving attitude of the seller might be a push for the buyer. All these skills lead to a good relationship between the seller and the customers. 


The skills mentioned above are the characteristics of a competent business person. For sales, it is important for the professionals to be efficient in interpersonal skills, as for being interested in a product it is essential that it should be well presented before customers. Developing Interpersonal skills is a rewarding step for the growth of sales. 

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